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Maybe your game is perfect. But, guys, in 2016 design like this looks very strange... Please, go to Dribbble and good luck;)
@kirill_pochivalov may I ask what looks strange? Did you download the game and play?
@oscar_negroni Maybe it's just my impression. but the design resembles the iOS 6. Perhaps developer wanted to do some kind of styling, but it's not entirely successful, unfortunately. But that's just my opinion.
@kirill_pochivalov have you downloaded the app? If you still feel the same after you download and play, I'd like to get more of your thoughts. As a start-up we're always open to feedback. Thanks!
@oscar_negroni Yes, I'm download and play :) Just remove the gradient in the interface. Background on the playing screen may be the same color as the cover section. History-blue and yellow, for example, but not deep green. Bright background very much detracts from the game. For more look at Netflix-type application. But the animation in the game are very good. Good luck!