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Hey guys! My name is Dan Leveille, and I started building Equaldex way back in 2009. As of 10 minutes ago, it finally launched to the public! Equaldex is aimed at crowdsourcing every LGBT-related law in the world. Data is contributed by and verified by users. Using the crowdsourced data, Equaldex provides an accurate and comprehensive global view of LGBT rights, with the use of maps, timelines, statistics, and historical data in each country and region. Would love to hear your questions and thoughts!
@danlev This sounds so cool! The site appears to be down. Is there another way to access it?
@danlev Very cool, Dan. Thanks for sharing!
Welcome, @danlev and congrats on the launch. Curious to hear what inspired the idea.
Thanks @rrhoover! Back in 2009 when several US states were about to legalize gay marriage, I started following LGBT rights and kept researching the status of laws. I noticed that I kept looking for information like how many states/countries legalized gay marriage, and realized that there wasn't a good, visual resource for all this information. So I began with the idea of simple site with just a map, but soon realized that — like most ideas — it needed to be a much more complicated product than that! :)