Conveniently manage group expenses and share costs

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How does it handle transferring funds? I'm on an anti-Venmo kick because they don't care about curbing malicious behavior and their support team is pretty bad. My roommates and I currently use Splitwise which just does the math then pushes $ transfers into venmo.
@stttories it doesn't at all at the moment. I've been using it with my roommates for a while now and it works surprisingly well without any direct payment. But anyway, would that be something you would like to see in a future update?
@jakobstecher @stttories It would be great if you can integrate Square Cash!
@bryan_weis @stttories Thanks, we'll look into that!
Hey! Equal splits your bills, shares costs and gives you an overview of your debts. We're here to help, so if you have any questions, shoot!
Awesome app made in Hamburg. Really cool - good job guys!
Competitive advantage against other bill sharing apps?
@johnnyquachy Ease of use. We're keeping it as minimal as necessary and as functional as possible at the same time. That means no overhead with accounts that have to be topped up, no direct payment and no social network, because we don't think that's essential.
@jakobstecher @johnnyquachy You also can add expenses with friends that don't have the app
@johnnyquachy Equal is collaborative: Every participant can add expenses, it is not tied to a single phone/person.
hey @jakobstecher, this is a really nice looking app, and I think ease of use and design can go a long way, but I'm not convinced it's easier to use than something like Splitwise (I've only read up online and looked at screenshots, haven't downloaded the app). Can you explain some of the differences between Equal and Splitwise specifically?
@jkwade @johnnyquachy as mentioned before, we want to keep it simple and lightweight for now. For example, adding an expense should be as simple as it gets. We're only getting started and competition is always good for business. You should give it a try!