A tool that helps companies create a more equal workplace

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Thanks for the hunt @gregoiregilbert! This is a tool (including concrete questions) to use in real-time at weekly meetings to get a very powerful reflection and discussion around the culture in your company. We developed it together with equality experts and been using it ourselves + couple of companies in the Stockholm Tech Scene the last months, it's amazing how it opens up to constructive discussions. Any questions, just let me know!
This initiative started as a reaction to the clear and ongoing sexist attitude in the startup community, wrote a short blog post about it during the summer: http://blog.mentimeter.com/hope-... Mentimeter have since then become 50/50 in the whole company and even more female in dev roles
Hi @taispy, glad to hear! We have one more advanced tool/example created with a researcher at Stockholm School of Economics around Efficient Teams, read more here: https://www.mentimeter.com/effic... . In addition we have smaller examples in-app (Reach them at: https://www.mentimeter.com/app/e...)
Great initiative by the folks at Mentimeter. Maybe Johnny @warstrom can jump in this thread and tell us about the genesis of this project.
This is a fantastic tool, and an excellent way to get the most of Mentimeter. Looking forward to using this in workshops in the future. Would love to see more examples beyond the few presets!