EQL Wallet

The simplest way to manage all of your Ethereum assets

EQUAL is the first DAPP focused wallet allowing you to send, receive and manage all ERC20 tokens. From DAPP and DEX integration to automatic gas detection, they're making things more simple for the 99%.

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17 Reviews4.7/5
very awesome!! Unlike existing products, this wallet has innovative features!! 1.Introducing very own automated Gas detector, making life simple 2.View our holdings in our local currency, in real-time 3.DAPP & DEX【GREEEEEAT!!】 4.Send, store and receive every Ethereum based asset【and in the near future,BTC or LTC, and more another coins!!】 5.Smartphone version is also under development
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You will love the community too ;)
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great project!
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sophisticated design.
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Very good. I expect the future.
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