Style-hacking looks from clothes in your wardrobe

#5 Product of the DayApril 27, 2017
Charles Roberto Canato
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    Epytom, in fact, is no more. It has been sold to another brand, apparently. But it keeps on being a nice source of daily suggestions.


    I miss the old Telegram bot, and the first versions of the Messenger bot. Current Maison bot is now just a subset: only daily suggestions.

    You had lots more options from the old bots, like product recommendations, VERY NICE wardrobe suggestions, brands, and so. They weren't intrusive, but were available if you felt the need.

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Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Epytom is kind of like the bot-version of Trunk Club. Here's how the founders describe it: Epytom is the only AI-powered styling solution that sends you personalized tutorials for creating street-style quality look from clothes you already own, all while helping you build a lean high-efficiency wardrobe. Instead of making you fill out endless forms, it analyzes your public profile to learn more about your lifestyle and tastes. Stop collecting clothes you don't wear. Epytom helps you cut straight to the 20% you actually will.
Nastia Sartan
Nastia SartanMaker@nastia_sartan
@chrismessina Chris @chrismessina thank you for this hunt. We truly appreciate everything you do for our community! 🙌 I'm Anastasia, the creator of Epytom. I'd been working in fashion for the last 10 years and built one of the first and major ecommerce in Eastern Europe, and all that time I had a closet the size of a living room and constantly nothing to wear.🙈 Fashion 👠👞 is overwhelming and confusing.You see all these good-looking people on the billboards and in the magazines and do not have any roadmap on how to get there. With the help of the newest technology we found the way how to actually own only what you wear. No waste - perfect style! Epytom Stylist sends you personalized tutorials for creating street-style quality look from clothes you already own tailored to your weather. ⛅️ All while helping you build a high-efficiency wardrobe. This year, our number of 100,000 daily active users who interact with the bot was featured in the Keynote at F8 conference. We are a part of FBStart accelerator and getting hundreds of testimonials weekly on how our users get their boyfriends back, adapt their wardrobe to a promotion, save money and get a confidence boost while being mindful about the world around them. Our next steps are topping it all up with NLP and styling YOU 😎
Andrey Doronichev
Andrey Doronichev@doronichev · VR Product Manager, Google
Epytom changed the way my wife and I shop for clothes. I always thought fashion / shopping was broken. At some point I discovered Trunk Club and it is like 10x better than traditional shopping. And then i found Epytom and it's 10x better than Trunk Club. Unlike Trunk Club it's not helping you look good by making you buy more stuff, but by giving you new great ideas on how to creatively use stuff you already own! And frankly, the outcome is much better. Love it. Thank you.
Nastia Sartan
Nastia SartanMaker@nastia_sartan
@doronichev Comments like this are what makes our 24/7 worth it! Thank you for your support!
Nikolai Oreshkin
Nikolai Oreshkin@nickon · Elysium Venture Capital
Omg! This is my favorite bot! For a guy like me, who has no idea about the latest fashion trends it is really a hidden gem. Previously, I didn't know what to wear and where to buy good clothes but now I have an intelligent personal assistant. It's completely changed the way I do shopping and apparently changed the way I look. Every morning Epytom sets up a good mood for my upcoming day and I wish the very best of luck to its founders.
Nastia Sartan
Nastia SartanMaker@nastia_sartan
@nickon Nikolai - so happy to hear your feedback! This is our goal to provide a defined roadmap. And judged by your comment we are performing it well :) Please keep us posted with your feedback!
Nikita M Filippov
Nikita M Filippov@nikita_m_filippov · CEO, Magneta
One of the best service that I ever had via chatbots. Go epytom
Nastia Sartan
Nastia SartanMaker@nastia_sartan
@nikita_m_filippov ❤️❤️❤️
Artem Goldman
Artem Goldman@goldman_artem · CMO at Plink
My favorite fashion bot =)
Nastia Sartan
Nastia SartanMaker@nastia_sartan
@goldman_artem thank you so much! You know we started early days before Messenger's API was open and tested for a year on a different platform. So we were prepared to be the favorite fashion stylist via chat from the day 1 ❤️