Style-hacking looks from clothes in your wardrobe

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Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Epytom is kind of like the bot-version of Trunk Club. Here's how the founders describe it: Epytom is the only AI-powered styling solution that sends you personalized tutorials for creating street-style quality look from clothes you already own, all while helping you build a lean high-efficiency wardrobe. Instead of making you fill out endless forms, it anal… See more
Andrey Doronichev
@doronichev · VR Product Manager, Google
Epytom changed the way my wife and I shop for clothes. I always thought fashion / shopping was broken. At some point I discovered Trunk Club and it is like 10x better than traditional shopping. And then i found Epytom and it's 10x better than Trunk Club. Unlike Trunk Club it's not helping you look good by making you buy more stuff, but by giving you new gre… See more
Nikolai Oreshkin
@nickon · F50, Startup Hunter
Omg! This is my favorite bot! For a guy like me, who has no idea about the latest fashion trends it is really a hidden gem. Previously, I didn't know what to wear and where to buy good clothes but now I have an intelligent personal assistant. It's completely changed the way I do shopping and apparently changed the way I look. Every morning Epytom sets up a g… See more
Nikita M Filippov
@nikita_m_filippov · CEO, Magneta
One of the best service that I ever had via chatbots. Go epytom
Artem Goldman
@goldman_artem · CEO Visabot http://visabot.co/
My favorite fashion bot =)