Retro game-inspired location chat

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Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt
We've seen several location-based chat apps like Popcorn Messaging and shortwave but this retro presentation certainly grabs my interest.
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Alex Kwon
Lounge - Live, Work, Play on Voice
@rrhoover @mbalex99 one thing about location-chasing chat apps is the privacy concern, and such playful representation of myself as a game avatar alleviates such concern. I love simple, playful apps like this. Great job Max!
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Maximilian Alexander
Hi Everyone! Wow thanks so much to Alex and Ryan for getting this fledging product on ProductHunt. This app comes from a heartfelt place in my life. I'm in my twenties now but I grew up playing Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger (Shoutout to all the other fan boys). I smashed that lovely concept with the likes of Yahoo Group Chats, AIM. Why create a network, follower group, build clout for every social interaction? Epoque aims to get you less shy by de-emphasizing your rank and taking on chat in a more fun way.
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