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Rob CromerMaker@robcromer · CEO/Co-Founder of Adcade
Hello, Product Hunters! I’m Rob, Co-founder & CEO of Adcade, the creative tech startup that built Epoch. Four years ago, my co-founders and I anticipated the breakup between digital advertising and Flash, and knew it would need to be replaced. So, we set out to build its successor: a tool made specifically for creating rich, interactive HTML5 ads. We designed Epoch to improve ad-building workflows for designers and developers, making it super easy to design, animate and publish multi-screen ads without worrying about advertising-related nuances (file size, metrics, ad server API’s, etc). You just focus on being creative! Also, if JavaScript is your thing, you can extend and add functionality using Epoch's built in Code Editor. Epoch is free for 7 days, but we're offering an EXCLUSIVE Product Hunt deal of 50% off your first month when you visit adcade.com/producthunt/ and use code PRODUCTHUNT. Thanks for checking us out! We'd love to get your feedback. Please feel free to reply to this comment with any questions about Epoch and I'll get back to you right away.
Dan Putt@danputt · Partner, Reboot.io
This looks amazing, congrats Adcade crew! I'm a huge fan of Rob, Rob, and Buzz - really great guys and great entrepreneurs - and have no doubt that Epoch is awesome.
Rob CromerMaker@robcromer · CEO/Co-Founder of Adcade
@danputt Thanks, Dan. We appreciate the support!
Nicholas Spinazze@spinoodle · CEO, Lynxus
Really glad to see this on PH! It's a fantastic tool!
Rob CromerMaker@robcromer · CEO/Co-Founder of Adcade
@spinoodle Thank you Nicholas. Very relevant right now with the current shift to HTML5 in advertising.
Awesome Rob. I know how much work went into this for you guys. Congrats on the launch!
Rob CromerMaker@robcromer · CEO/Co-Founder of Adcade
@sether Thanks, Seth! We have been hard at work gathering and analyzing BETA feedback and we're very pleased with the final result.
Max Teitelbaum@maxteitelbaum · COO, WhatRunsWhere
This is a really great tool. I have used it and it really pushes the envelope in terms of what you SHOULD expect with HTML5. Thrilled to see it launched
Rob CromerMaker@robcromer · CEO/Co-Founder of Adcade
@maxteitelbaum I'm glad to hear it. Always good to have fans!