Chatrooms for TV and movies

Episode has chatrooms for over 2000 TV shows and movies, and is updated daily with new and popular shows. It’s the perfect companion for Netflix and Prime Video so that you can synchronize your watching schedule with other fans and chat in real-time.
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It's really an interesting idea. More than 10 years ago, I had the same Idea but for the TV talk shows. But now as a product manager with marketing background, I will recommend you with the following: - Each Movie part (like Harry Potter) and Series with several seasons, are considered as deep nich. This means you will need to reach very specific people to enrich conversation in some seasons or parts. This will not the more interaction and engagement in the app. - The challenge that you will face and will affect you, is the amount of content (movies, Series) vs people interacting in the app. The problem you will face is that lots of users are going to come to the app and will leave it because the conversation is scattered. - My suggestion that I wish you to test it: Start with specific TV Shows, Movies..etc. That already attract people. - Hire several people to interact in the app in specific movies, series..etc so whenever anyone come, they will start to interact. Lastly, you will find some difficulties in monetising this app. You should consider it from the beginning. Wish you all the best Ali Product Manager @flightright
This looks good. There is definitely space for a platform where you can discuss specific episodes when they aren't new anymore.
I need one that is *not* in real time, that you can tell when your viewing starts say when the Netflix drums hit. Then you can post things in sync with the show and read other people’s comments. If someone comments on your comment, you get a notification to chat with them more even if you're no longer watching the show, and you could set the comment as containing spoliers or not.