Epishow 2

The easiest way to remotely record audio

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Hey everyone! Super stoked to share this with you. Our bigger picture is helping podcasters with the whole pipeline, but we wanted to start with a basic tool. Happy to answer questions.
This is exactly what I've been looking for. I've recorded a few interviews so far for my show and even had one messed up by a lack of communication on my part to have the interviewee record their side of the audio πŸ‘Ž
Does this work for live remote podcasting?
@mykecheckonetwo yes. That is our primary audience.
@randallb I believe what @mykecheckonetwo wondered about was if this would work for _live_ podcasting. As I understand it, Epishow 2 will not be a good fit for that. That said, live podcasting -- is there even such a thing? :) I think this is a good fit for most podcasters, since "one side has Skype-quality audio and the other doesn't"-podcast interviews are the worst thing ever.
@gloom303 @mykecheckonetwo You could totally use it for live. I've tried that a bit, but yeah.
The website is down September 2019