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Find content that is generating engagement and applause, not just shares.Know who your influencers are. Engage with those that your audience engages with.Get instant and powerful insights on your topics of interest. Also checkout Buzzsumo and Little Bird.
@kwdinc Thanks for sharing the details. We would love to hear your feedback - what aspects you liked, what you'd like added, what you'd like changed.
Hi, I am one of the makers of EpicBeat. We just launched the beta version, and we are making improvements on a daily basis. Please ask and tell me anything. Quick Intro - EpicBeat monitors popular content & people across all social channels, and delivers intelligent insights like what type of content to produce, what to share and when, which influencers to engage and how.
This is a seriously awesome hunt! I can see it being very useful for creatives to look at what kinds of media (articles/audio/video) generate the most engagement, along with who makes that engagement possible. Then from there they can connect with that audience with their product. Love how this could be used.
@awoldes Thanks for "hunting" us and giving us the access :)
@_mridul_ No worries! Looks like a great tool, hope it can gain some traction for you and others that use it.
OK I can definitely see myself using it every day. Great product! One feedback though, I'd like to be able to push the timeline search up to 1 month / 1 year
@claireemiliel Thanks for trying out EpicBeat, and for your valuable feedback. We are certainly going to expand the timeline of search (as per current plans, by second week of April). We just need to improve the quality of search results first. Meanwhile, if you see any other area of improvement, please do notify us.
I like the concept, but the search seems to be useless. I searched for "learn design online" and the first result is "Why the UK is FAT! Learn what real food is & identify with what a treat is!" the rest of the results are also quite unrelated to the search query. For now, I'll stick with Buzzsumo.
@ashocka18 Thanks a lot for trying out EpicBeat, and giving us your honest feedback. We are just one week old, and we are working hard to make our search results better. Next Tuesday, we will be making an upgrade to our search scoring algorithm. We are confident that you will see better results for the same query next week.