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#3 Product of the WeekApril 24, 2019
Epic Jobs helps you find job opportunities and helps you learn more about the people behind them via curated tweets, video introductions, interviews, and office tours.
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Hey friends! There's a ton of job opportunties constantly being tweeted out there and as much as I tried to retweet them all, they still got lost in the feeds. That's why we created Epic Jobs, to help you discover, sort, and filter through all those tweets. We also realized one thing that was missing from job boards -- the people and the teams behind those jobs. Leaving you with questions like "I wonder who is even the ones hiring me or leading this team." Because of this, and seeing how well more personal tweets worked, we made an option for companies to add quick 90 - 140 second video clips called "Intros" where you can see whose hiring you and hear the opportunity straight from their voices. Also, sometimes when going over job descriptions there's a lot of text but little explanation. So we're trying an idea called "Interviews" where we get a chance to ask questions about the jobs, what the role is all about, and even things like what do you and the team do for lunch, or what's the hiring process like, or better yet ask - any tips on landing this role? Lastly, we have "Office Tours" which are just what they sound like. Really fun videos showcasing the offices of companies that are hiring in hopes candidates can get a better glimpse into what it's like working there. It's still early and we've got a lot of work to do but with your help and support we can have a lot of fun doing this and helping others land jobs! YEWW!
@dannpetty I love this site alot! Congratulations for the launch Well done on the design
@dannpetty Congrats, Dann! Epic jobs is (are?) so fresh and different from the usual job boards. I find the interviews super interesting, many questions I'd ask during the interview process already answered. Amazing work!
@dannpetty Congrats on the launch, dude - this is EPIC (sorry, had to). Love the twist on the general job board and video interviews is a great idea!
@dannpetty Looks great thank you for doing this
@dannpetty Love the style & presentation. Amazed that you find the time to pull this off while raising rildren, creating documentaries, and organizing events. I need to get off my lazy ass and get back to work!
This is simply epic! (yup, this may be not so orginal comment;) ) Congrats on launch! Great work, very useful for designers community πŸ‘
Really nice site! I love the idea of the office tour πŸ™‚
Congratulations on the launch @dannpetty ! It's great you help to find out more about the specialists. Moreover, the video is awesome. Good luck to you!
Congrats on the launch @dannpetty & team! Love the new take on the job board with a focus on twitter. I don't think I'd be in my current role if it wasn't for the connections that I made via twitter. Can't wait to see where all this goes! πŸŽ‰
@jdunsterville same here Josh! And we appreciate the early support by you and the Figma team. Definitely means a ton to us.