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The easiest way to sign in visitors.

#1 Product of the DaySeptember 17, 2014

Envoy Visitor Registration simplifes front desk sign-in. Collect contact information, capture visitor photos and have them sign legal documents—all on the iPad.

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We've been using @Hattery for a few months really works great.
@joshmendelsohn Awesome -- let me know what we can do to make it better!
We're going to be implementing this at DigitalOcean soon, from our conversations and their video, looks like a great system for managing security and access control. :thumbs_up:
@jedgar We're super excited about you guys! I use DigitalOcean for lots of personal projects, including for the C&C server for http://dustrover.tumblr.com/. Let me know if there's something I can do to help with Envoy over there! Love feature requests too.
Envoy just launched out of beta with a public release and announced their funding yesterday. They've also updated their site with a great new video explaining the product. I'm not too sure about the public pricing though, it seems very steep, especially for some smaller startups. It doesn't really seem to take into account the difference between Box for example and a small startup, but I can imagine that coming up with the pricing was a challenge.
@_jacksmith Hey Jack, Larry from Envoy here. Envoy really works well in smaller companies though right now not necessarily in an office with just 5-10 people. Teamed up with an over-worked receptionist or office manager is really where it shines and the value is seen instantly. What you say isn't necessarily untrue, but you definitely don't need to be anywhere near the size of a Box to really have real benefit. Coin likes it :)
I used Envoy for the first time about 2 weeks back — beautiful interface, well designed journey, lovely execution!
Can see this have many use cases, dentists, doctors, recruiters, anywhere where waiting time is quite high and the data is part of the process. At the moment have to say it does seem a bit untargeted
@acondurache Yeah, we're not super targeted. We're thinking about different landing pages for different verticals. But for now we still have a lot to learn about who likes it before we get too detailed in marketing, etc.