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Visitor sign-in just got even easier

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Envoy just keeps getting better! I got to play with their new iOS app last week, and really love all the touches they added to make the onboarding flow simple and delightful. Basically, you keep this on your phone, and when you go to do Envoy's visitor sign-in at a company, the Envoy app at the desk automagically* recognizes you, so the whole process to get your badge takes seconds. Added some Envoy people as makers. @wr How do you go about designing the simplest possible sign-in experience? Who got to make all the Envoy bots? :D
great great product. look forward to seeing them push the envelope even further!
this is an awesome idea. Envoy is fantastic and I think the company will be HUGE in the future. They have the potential to build a back-end platform for all businesses. — Data entry on an iPad screen was a pain point using the product, which this feature now addresses.
@lg A visitor sign-in company that knows/cares who I am (not just their customer, the company) - is this a first? or does it just feel like a first because this software typically isn't very user-friendly? :) From Envoy's standpoint, does Passport exist to make it easier to sign-in, because easier makes visitors and customers happier? Or is there something larger that changes when users have Envoy apps in their pockets, too?
@staringispolite definitely a first. the companies we're replacing have for too long been focusing on getting the RFP filled out right, and in an RFP there's no checkbox for 'will the visitor actually like it too?'. security and experience don't have to be exclusive. Passport hopefully lets us double down on the visitor more -- after all, their word-of-mouth is exclusively how we've been growing so far.
I've loved using Envoy as a visitor—Passport is gonna make it that much easier. What size office do you think it makes sense to start using Envoy?