Envoy Deliveries

Manage office deliveries simply by snapping a photo.

#4 Product of the DayOctober 17, 2017

Envoy Deliveries makes receiving and managing packages effortless, so you can work on what matters. By simply snapping a photo with any smartphone, Envoy Deliveries will “read” the shipping label, log the package into inventory, and automatically notify the recipient they have a delivery to pick up.

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hey everyone! we're incredibly excited to get Envoy Deliveries out and help with the mountain of packages every company has to deal with :)
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So cool! I've lost multiple packages over the years at larger companies due to the lack of communication/notifications. This would've def solved that problem!
I like the way this sounds! Good work team.
Congrats on the launch! Landing page is gorgeous.
Very clean solution, helps to avoid so many logistical headaches! 📦🙌🏽