Envision for Android

Bringing the visual world to life for the visually impaired

Envision is an intelligent tool that empowers people with visual impairment to live more independently. With Envision, visually impaired users can shop in supermarkets, use public transport, read menu cards in restaurants, recognise their friends, find their belongings and so much more, all on their own.

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Hi Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹ We are finally launching the Android version of Envision - a multi-speciality recognition tool that helps people with visual impairment access all kinds of visual information around them. Our iOS version is currently being used by thousands of visually impaired people all over the world to shop in supermarkets, catch a bus, find a friend and so much more all on their own. We are glad to bring this product to more users through Android now. Even though the product is not specifically geared towards the PH community, do help us in spreading the word to empower as many visually impaired people as possible. Cheers, Karthik

I just downloaded this to mess around with it for a bit (I am not visually impaired).

I'm impressed with how well it reads text! I took a photo of this product hunt page (maker's comment) and it read it out PERFECTLY, wow, well done. There is no option to turn the flash off though. The screen is self illuminating -obviously- so need to be so obvious and blind everyone around me.

Describing scenes is not very accurate. I took a photo of my pebble smartwatch twice and it did not tell me the time, instead described my laptop in the backgorund. The pebble has a reflective screen and is wearing a typical analog watchface with numbers on it so it should be easy to read in my opinion.

I took a pic of my coffee cup and it described it accurately.

Next a photo of my leather waller but it decribed it as "a stack of flyers on top of a table" πŸ˜†

There are buttons for describing colors, scanning barcodes and "teaching" the app (telling it to recongnize an item as X) but when pressed the app informs you that these features are "coming soon".


works RELATIVELY well, simple UI


most features are "coming soon", often does not describe scenes accurately, can't turn flash off