Build the foundation of your habits in a new and unique way

This is an iOS apps that helps you build the foundation of your daily habits and Envision your progress in a new and unique way.
Keep track of positive habits, diminish and break negative habits, build a better version of yourself.
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Hey Product Hunters! After many sleepless nights and, of course, lots of tea, I finally finished my app. It‘s habits tracking app with a twist, letting you easily visualize the big picture and your progress. Features: - Personalized habits - Keep track of positive or negative habits - Statistics: completion percentage, current streak, best streak - Calendar view - In app notification banners and coach assistant - Easily envision your progress Your feedback and thoughts are highly appreciated! Thank you PH, Alex PS: Fellow hunters on Android, to anticipate the dreaded question, the app is unfortunately not available on Android. As a solo developer with limited time, I have to focus on one platform at the moment.
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Fine-tuned animations combined with simplicity, Great app!
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Practical Powerful n Simple. Love the high level view! Congrats
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@mefranco Thanks for the kind words!
Can the app mark `today` in habit's detail page and also habit's name?
Hey @francox9, This feature / design change is currently in the workings, but since the design wasn't quite polished enough for our quality standards, we had to left it out for this current version. Rest assured, it's definitely going to make its way out soon! Thanks for asking!
@pondorasti Thank you for making it and I forgot to say it is very interesting and I would love to try it for a few more days and see.
@francox9 I can't wait to hear your first impression!
This looks great, I just have one question though, How can I undo if I touched on a habit bubble accidentally?
@jaideep_bishnoi Thanks! If you go into any Detailed view of a habit, by just tapping on a bubble or pinch to zoom, you could select/deselect the completed days in the calendar.