Share private files easily, without losing their ownership

Upload a file, get a download link, and share it. That's it.
Envelop runs on blockstack. So you decide where your files are stored. Use the default storage or setup your own.
There's no file limits. No tracking. And it's open source.
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Hello everyone 👋🏼 At Bloco, we're fans of simple productivity tools. And we wanted to try to build our first decentralised app, one that we could trust implicitly. If there's something we need to do daily is share files with our colleagues and friends. So we decided to build a very easy to use Android app do just that: Envelop. And we teamed up with @joaodiogocosta for the Web App. There's not much to it, we tried to make it seamless, focusing on the user experience. 📩 Drop a file, get a link, share it. 📩 Envelop runs on blockstack, so you decide where your files are stored. You can use blockstack's default storage (free) or setup your own storage. It's still a a techy process, but it's properly documented, and will get better in the future: https://docs.blockstack.org/stor... Best of all? There's no file limits and no tracking whatsoever. Plus, it's open source 📖 --- We're eager to hear what do you think about it. Drop us a comment with your feedback :)
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Cool tool. I am testing it now to see if it is ready for a short review. I am testing the web-based version. I am on a Mac. N.B.: File upload progress doesn't seem to work on my end. It says "uploading" but it does not show any progress. Frustrating. Also, when I go to download a file uploaded: a) the download web page on 13" screen seems completely empty - nothing in the above-the-fold. Only if I scroll I can see my ready to be downloaded file box. b) If I click on "download", no dialog box pops-up to allow me to select where to download. A message says file downloaded, but I have no idea or confirmation if that has actually happened and where that file would be (not inside the downloads folder).
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@robingood Hey Robin, thank you for the feedback :) - File upload progress should be working. We'll look into it to see what we've missed. - That empty download page was a small 🐛 that got out. It should be fixed now 🙂 - The file should have went to your downloads folder 🤔 But we'll improve that experience so it's clearer what is happening.
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@robingood thanks for the feedback! File upload progress was indeed misbehaving, thanks for the heads up. It's fixed now, we invite you to go back and try again :) Enjoy!
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@sdsantos Thanks for the prompt feedback and for looking into it right away. Tested again now. 1) Progress upload: not working - https://embed.vidyard.com/share/...? 2) Empty page download: well done. Good now. 3) File not going to download folder. I actually don't have any visual prompt or dialog box saying that a file is being downloaded. In fact I can confirm that though I click download I am not downloading the file at all.
@joaodiogocosta Not working for me. See my reply and screencast to Sérgio.
@robingood We missed something. 1) Now you should see the upload progress correctly. 3) Are you using Firefox? We detected an issue with downloads there, but it should be fixed now. Sorry for the hassle.
Easy to use, open source, decentralized. Nice!
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@diogomartf Thank you Diogo :)
Nice design and easy to use. What is your take on tracking via short links?
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@friedger_muffke We need to add a Privacy Policy, but our take is very simple. We have no tracking or analytics whatsoever on the app. And if there's any room for doubt, there's always the possibility to take the app source code and deploy your own version of Envelop 🙂
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Wow finally get it what im waiting for
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