Envato Logo Kit

An easy system to mix, match & design a new custom logo

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Great!!! Thanks for sharing Collis.
@tranmautritam Glad you liked it!
@collis Hey Collis, Nice to see you here. I know you :D. I'm ThemeForest's author (making PSD Template & WordPress), I'm also Envato Elements Contributor. Glad to know Envato LogoKit - It is an excellent idea. I am going to planning to make a Logo Kit to submit - But I am wondering how many elements for a kit that would be enough? (Also, how many logo samples?)
@tranmautritam oh nice work! I hope ThemeForest and Elements are treating you well. We're putting lots of energy into growing them :-) Good question, the first thing to do is go to "Submit a Logokit" and complete the form with your details. Next we'll review the applications at the end of each month. Once you're passed that hurdle, then to make a kit you start by making just a couple to show that it has potential. Once approved, then there's no set number yet, I just look for there to be enough that the end user can make a LOT of different outcomes. I'll be publishing a couple more kits today, and once you've seen a bunch, you'll have a better feeling for it I think!
@collis Yeah! Thanks for fast responding. I am happy to work on ThemeForest & Envato Elements - And also, a big thank you for making a such as fantastic Envato Market. (btw, I just reached level 10 - Haft Milion Dollars last month :D ). Sure, I will follow Envato Logo Kit in the future and try to get at least one Kit on it. Have a good day, Cheers, tranmautritam
As a long time user of Envato products, I'll definitely be taking advantage of this service. Keep up the great work!
Awesome stuff @Collis and Envato Team :) !
@mdagabriele Thanks Mario!
you must optimise current approve process / review time / rating system and other things to make authors and clients happy.. but you do everything except this and make other products ( like envato video, lol ), this is disgusting
@mpavlukevich Hey Nick, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate where this is coming from. For what it's worth, the vast majority of our company's resources are pushed towards these things, and improving Envato Market and Elements for authors. But we also try to do some projects that are aimed at the future, or just for innovation. In any case this particular one, was simply a hack week project :-)
@collis "In any case this particular one, was simply a hack week project" - that's good, but it was better to spend this week on optimizing the current problem issues. What about me - i'm waiting for approve my WordPress theme about 56 days without any respond ( I wrote about 10 letters, and they all remained unanswered ) - what can you say about this? that's don't looks like "innovation" by your side )))
@mpavlukevich That should indeed be better, and sorry it's been a long wait. We are currently starting what will be a long move towards an author approval system. We've started with Photos, and it works such that once an author is approved - there are many less gates to publishing. Of course the gate to being an approved author will be correspondingly harder. Anyhow, sorry for your wait - two months is a really long time!!
@collis As usual, you just talk about improvements / things will be all right soon, but do not even try to find out how you can help me, that's what I'm talking about.