Mint for business: get up to 300 bills automated every month

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There is such a pain point for small businesses for this. Interested to see if anyone has used this product
@BlendahTom Hey Tom, it's incredible to think businesses still manage their finances exactly the same way before e-mail existed -all manually entered data. We are here to transform the way businesses manage costs. Check out why companies are choosing us: https://community.xero.com/busin...
Hey there, Mike from @Entryless. We help managers make financial decisions ten times faster, by automating business manually-entered data. Companies like Deloitte, Subway, and McDonald's are automating their business operations with Entryless. We have a Global approach, and most of our customers are in Australia, USA, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada among other countries.
@_mikegalarza @Entryless Are you focused mainly on enterprise customers or SMB's too?
@BlendahTom @Entryless Great question, we focus on SMBs. Franchisors of Subway and McDonalds manage their finances independently of any corporate overhead, making them small business owners that control multiple locations. Deloitte implements Entryless for their SMBs clients.