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Four years ago, I came to the United States as an international student. As a student, one of the biggest problems was to find an internship and entry level job in the field of study.  While I was a student, I and my friends created a common excel sheet where if anyone can find an opening, add to excel sheet so others can apply to the same company without wasting time. In 3 months, we have created a list of 120 companies related to software engineer opening only. Over the time, I have seen this is the most common issue with every international student coming to the USA. Many students do not know which sites to visit, how to look for new openings. Most of the students start with the companies they know in their field. They start to find internships and jobs on well-known sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, AngelList etc. Going through each of these sites and filtering out relevant positions take lots of time.  But, there are lots of small and medium-size companies and startups they have never heard of before. Also, not all the companies post the opening on these job board. Most of the openings are in the career section of each company. To find these openings, students have to go on the website of each company, look for the career section, filter openings relevant to you and apply for the position. This whole cycle takes a lot of time every day. This is the extra burden for students along with whole semester work. For international students, it is even harder. International students have to find jobs within 3 months of graduation and many companies do not hire international students because of visa sponsorship issue. With this site, I have put all the jobs and internships opening for college grads in the United States at one place. So you don't need to waste your time looking for openings in your field.  You can find jobs and internships in the field of Software engineering, Data science, Business, MBA, Electrical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Analyst, Hardware Engineering, Marketing, Customer Support, Product Management, UI Design, Research, Legal, Nursing, Medical and more. 300+ companies are hiring for more than 1000+ internships and entry level positions. so start to Apply Good luck with your job and internship application! We have a special discount offer for Product Hunt audience only! Get 50% off on your job posting. Reach out to thousands of students by posting your job and internships opening on the site. Hire the brightest students for your company. We are also adding more data points like visa sponsorship, remote position, company's culture rating. These will make more easy for students to pick the companies. Join Facebook group for more updates with thousands of other students. We have also started to add entry level jobs and internships opening in Canada. Which country do you want to see next? Email hello@entryleveljobs.me or comment your suggestions.
Nice job! What tech stack did you use to build it?
@wimgz Thanks for asking. Frontend: Bulma framework, Algolia search Backend : Java Spring, Postgresql, Heroku
Great Product, straight forward listing. Will be helpful to the student and fresher community.
@singhpankaj99 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜
thanks for site
@egdes_ceo let me know if you have any suggestion.
Amazing! A perfect place to search for the job. You made the difficult task a bit convenient. Loved it!
@siddhi_desai1 Thank you. Bio tech jobs are also there πŸ˜€
@keyul great! I will check it out.