Entropay 2.0

Create disposable virtual cards + pay online like a local

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I discovered Entropay almost a year ago when I was looking for a way to pay for Spotify Pro without having to buy a physical local card in a different country (Internet should be global, right?). I remember finding recommendations about Entropay everywhere, but when I looked at the site, it was so ugly, like a bank from the 90's, so I wasn't sure whether I should trust it or not. I hunted it here last year, to great reviews. And I've been a happy customer ever since. I was so happy today to check out the site and find out Entropay launched a full rebrand and redesign - modern and clean. After hours of research I can safely say, for anyone who wants to pay for something abroad, this is probably the best product out there, and has a truly unique offering. I hope now, with the new design, it can reach the masses of people it well deserves.
Had been using Entropay happily for over 5 years and then suddenly one day they don't support my country anymore. :-/ Though there new site is pretty dope.
A user here. Have to say, the new design is really nice.

I was looking for something like Privacy.com which isn't available in my country, but this isn't it.


Nice interface, cool idea


Max 10 (prepaid!) Visa cards.

pretty sure this is a dead website