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Sandro Jazzar
Sandro Jazzar@sandrojazzar
Entropay probably is one of the best products ive ever used. Devoted user since 09!!
Roy Munin
Roy MuninHunter@muninjlm · CEO, MadeinJLM
I've been trying to find ways to purchase Spotify Premium, to connect Spotify with my home SONOS speakers. If you live abroad, this is a challenge - Spotify won't let you pay them unless you own a US credit card or US paypal account. I googled it and ran into a recommendation for this virtual visa service, Entropay. I couldn't find similar products, so I'm sharing here to ask for your opinions and experience - is it trustworthy? Do if you know of any similar products?
Roy Munin
Roy MuninHunter@muninjlm · CEO, MadeinJLM
Update: so far so good. After some research, turns out this category of products is called VCCs - Virtual Credit Cards. There are a few of them, including a cheaper one from Mastercard and one from PayPal as well, but both were not available in my country. I created a card on Entropay with a prepaid amount of $50 and activated my Spotify Premium account. Their design could be better, but the whole process took a few seconds and it works great. I'm very satisfied, and can finally play music on my SONOS now :). I'm looking into using this to solve another problem I have with my NGO. Here, government makes it hard for nonprofits to have credit cards, which makes it very hard for us to buy digital products. VCCs could be a good solution in compliance with what they're looking for.
Adithya Shreshti
Adithya ShreshtiPro@adithya · Founder of Knowmad Life | Startuposphere
@muninjlm Been a user since 2012-13. I haven't found a flaw/issue in their service. They were one of the firsts to get into VCCs. Until recently, Entropay was my only option for purchasing few digital services/subscriptions in India.
Carl@cprins_ ·
I won't trust them, simply because of this statement in their terms: "We may use Your personal data for marketing purposes and for market research purposes..."
Roy Munin
Roy MuninHunter@muninjlm · CEO, MadeinJLM
Thanks @cprins_ I! I can see what you mean, but who doesn't these days? :)
Carl@cprins_ ·
@muninjlm Yeah, I guess we need to give access to gain access sometimes.
Kirill Platonov
Kirill Platonov@platonov_kd
Really great service. Use it to pay Spotify for a long time.
Paul Parsons
Paul Parsons@paulparsons1981
I've been using this for all online SaaS payments for a while now, so easy to use and would highly recommend it :-)