@muller_adam I love the entire podcast. It is great! thank you for sharing it. My favorite part was around minute 40 when he is talking about turning around Disney animation. It is rare that the same team of people are working on something during the hard / failing times and the successful times (after a turn around). I love that they looked at the core of the problem and got people to talk, provide feedback and yet empower people to look at the feedback as just that - feedback. Amazing. I have so many questions. :-)
@corleyh I know! I have so many questions too. :)
Hey @muller_adam what is your favorite part of this podcast - I'd love to know.
@corleyh Hey Corley, there is about an 10 minute chunk of the podcast that was really fascinating to me, starting where Ed started talking about learning how to argue with Steve Jobs. It was amazing to hear how tuned in they were the interpersonal dynamics of the team at Pixar. It's one thing to acknowledge that culture/environment affects people, but it's another thing to actually do something about it (change the hierarchy of power) in order to get what they wanted out of the team. I loved that. It inferred a lot about their deep value for what people thought, felt, experienced--almost like it was a currency. It was intensely valuable to them. The fact that they understood this was important is incredible to me. (I feel it directly reflects in Pixar's movies. If there is one thing Pixar does best it's giving us an experience of the full spectrum of human emotions).
@corleyh I am so curious to hear your favorite part(s)?