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In the words of Khaled: "Another One" It may seem like there are so many types of these sites out there (maybe too many?). BUT people need to remember that it is down to the curation. That is where the value lies. The tools and resources gathered in these types of directories have been picked for a reason and that's down to the choice of the maker. Different tools and resources work for different people/teams/startups. Always remember that :)
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@bentossell totally agree! Anyone nowadays can search for the best tools and throw them into a nice bootstrap site over an afternoon. The true added value comes from the curators hand-picked touch and experience with the specific tools, something I notice especially with @RobinGood´s ZEEF pages. https://web-design-tools.zeef.co... https://content-discovery-tools....
@bentossell True. It feels like the portalsites of the year 2000 are back. What I would like to see is some background in the "why" of the curated list. Make it even simpler. Show me the one best tool and tell me why. Based on the person who curates I can try it or not.
@frankmeeuwsen ha I'd like to see a curated site with just one recommendation for each category
@bentossell I feel a challenge coming up...
@bentossell I like this one also because everything is visible on the same page. Better UX. What do I need to "login" or "create a page" for? It's not clear at first glance? Is it save your choices or something else?
A collection of tools for entrepreneurs. What a wild idea, can't believe nobody had thought of that.
@robertwilliger Its cool to see others curation of tools and see what they value. As I said, different things work for different people. It would be boring to just see one product like this.
@robertwilliger Always handy to check another list and see if there's a tool you might have missed. I've used ZEEF before during a hackathon and it was really fast & easy for making a list of things in different categories. They are Amsterdam-based as well and seem to be doing good things. But is a list like this created on another platform really considered a 'product' worthy of PH @bentossell?
@dan_fennessy @robertwilliger it's definitely relevant for the community. do you feel the same about sites like Startup Stash?
@bentossell I think sites like Startup Stash are different as they've been made as a standalone product/site with their own name, domain name, design etc. i.e. someone has made a real standalone product, even if the content (list) and complexity of the site is simple. I agree this particular list is really relevant to the community, as seen by the number of votes it's getting. Personally I'm just not sure a list created and hosted on another platform should be considered a standalone product. But that's up to the community & PH team to decide, just my thoughts on it as I saw it.
@dan_fennessy totally understand and appreciate your feedback Dan :)
Amazing collection. I think it is the best curated list.
Bottom line , these lists provide value when you need to find something, I have several bookmarked at all times They are excellent quick reference guides
i like the project!