Entrepreneur Tools

A collection of tools and resources for startups

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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
In the words of Khaled: "Another One" It may seem like there are so many types of these sites out there (maybe too many?). BUT people need to remember that it is down to the curation. That is where the value lies. The tools and resources gathered in these types of directories have been picked for a reason and that's down to the choice of the maker. Diff… See more
Rob Williger
@robertwilliger · CMO MapFig, Copywriting for Non-Mktrs
A collection of tools for entrepreneurs. What a wild idea, can't believe nobody had thought of that.
Prabhakar Undurthi
@prabhakar_u · Founder @Snoop_Code, Entrepreneur
Amazing collection. I think it is the best curated list.
Bill Lewis
@workstationw · Founder--Instant Office
Bottom line , these lists provide value when you need to find something, I have several bookmarked at all times They are excellent quick reference guides
Elena Yakusevich
i like the project!