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Bruno Skvorc — I work at SitePoint and Diffbot.com
I'm not affiliated with this in any way. I was looking for something like Letterboxd for TV shows, and ran into Entora. Signing up with FB, I immediately got a good feeling as it turned out to be one of the rare sites that doesn't need you to provide an email AFTER authenticating, showing they know what they're doing (https://twitter.com/bitfalls/sta...). Once in, everything was very intuitive, loaded quickly, and it provided exactly what I wanted from it - the ability to build a watchlist, and mark movies and TV show episodes as seen. There's also bonus features like following artists etc to be notified when something new of theirs is out, subscribing to show updates, and more.
Pierre-Marie Galite — entrepreneur, mobile developer/advisor
@bitfalls Hope there will be a mobile app
Mikael Löwgren — Founder RemindMeAt
Great feature to be able to follow artists, producers and directors! I'll never miss a Woody Allen movie with this tool!
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