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Awesome idea and implementation! I really like that!
I really enjoy this but I would prefer to be able to host it myself, download my data, or be able to setup my own domain for this sort of thing.
Hello everyone! It's been a few months since we've landed here, and we've been hard at work making Entire.Life both more fun & more useful for you. Aside from having a calendar that's unique to your life, we're continuing to add options to tailor your experience to you. Need reminders to fill out your calendar for the week, or plan for your future? We have those, with our Weekly Inspiration emails. Want to know how many weeks you've got left in your life? We can do that - just turn on your Memento Mori extension. Like birthday cake? We've got birthday cakes. Want to be mildly disturbed by the way the speed of your life is picking up? We can do that too, with the Life Trapezoidal. And then, there's my personal favorite - our Instagram extension, which allows you to click through the weeks that have already passed without having to individually upload photos. Easy and memorable. Our base life calendar is (and will continue to be) free, and so are many of our extensions. Our add-on Emporium will continue to have a blend of free and inexpensive add-ons. Want to support what we're doing? Tack on that Instagram add-on & you'll help with our costs - not to mention make us smile. As always, we're excited to have you here with us. Putting our lives into context is important to us, and an issue that we love exploring. We're also writing about how we reflect on our own lives and plan for our futures here: https://medium.com/entire-life/l... One last thing. We *love* your feedback. Really - we read and discuss all of it. Tweet us, email us, or post here. Working on Entire.Life has been (and we hope it continues to be) a big part of our own life calendars. Thank you for joining us!
I was not able to sign up
@adamwong246 oh no! Did you get any error message? Email me at your@entire.life or DM me on Twitter with some details, and I'll try to get it straightened out.
@chadoh @adamwong246 I had the same problem. Turns out Ghostery was blocking the Google sign-in button on https://entire.life/signin
@chadoh @adamwong246 @entire I couldn't either - I tried to signin through Google account, but nothing happened
@jordanadil aw geez aw geez. If you could email or Twitter DM me with any more info, I would love to get this straightened out!
This is an awesome idea, it would be nice to differentiate months of each year so you could see when some events happen. But definitely a cool tool for remembering life stuff.
@germancastano I'm glad you like it, Germán! The mobile view shows months instead of weeks!