A self-assessment to find out how enterprise-ready an app is

EnterpriseGrade is a self-assessment to find out how ready your SaaS application is for enterprise adoption.

Brought to you by the contributors of EnterpriseReady.io

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Back in November 2016, we at Replicated collaborated with our peers in the enterprise IT space to launch EnterpriseReady—a collection of advice and best practices on how to build SaaS applications with the types of features that enterprise buyers expect. Today, we’re taking that project a step further by launching EnterpriseGrade—a short but thorough questionnaire to assess how your application stacks up against these features. This 11-question self-assessment gives you a framework to analyze your current implementation of those features and provides feedback on how to improve features that matter most to enterprise customers. What's your enterprise grade?!

The concepts useful, and did bring up some topics that may otherwise be forgotten about.


Useful reminder of the standards for Enterprise software


Blank page when trying to see results

Hi Peter, sorry to hear you got an error when taking the assessment. We'll look into this right away.
Great job!! 😊 Would try it out 😊
Enterprise level performance is something we want to achieve for https://www.chooseholly.com/whit... - we tick a lot of the boxes here but this is a really handy guide to take us to the next level, thank you!