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Enter is an event ticket sales platform 🎫

Enter is a platform (build without code) where event organizers can sell tickets. Every visitor gets a personal code they can use to check in to events. With this personal code, they can swap their tickets with friends.

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Howdy! Exited to be back on Product Hunt! 🎉 ↵ Enter I organized events for 5 years in The Netherlands & on Malta. We were always struggling with a good & reliable ticket platform. About two years ago I made the switch from having to go to a party almost every weekend, to building stuff. With all the knowledge I now gathered from building products and giving events I'm planning on making Enter the ultimate ticket platform to help organizers sell more tickets and make sure visitors can easily buy tickets, safely resell tickets & get into the events they've paid for. 🌿 Personal Code Enter isn’t working with tickets that have different QR codes, you don’t have to print out 5 different tickets for all your friends when you go to a festival. You just scan your personal code 5 times. Or you transfer the other spots to the accounts of your friends. You can refresh your personal code at any moment even when you’re waiting in line to get into the club. 💸 Organizers Get paid instantly. One of the problems with a lot of ticket services is that you sometimes have to wait till after the event before you get your money from the ticket sales. With Enter you get paid instantly to your own Stripe account. Pay per ticket sold. No minimum costs, no fixed contracts, no hidden costs. You only pay for successful transactions. 👀 What's next? A lot more features are planned for Enter in 2019 to help organizers serve visitors better. Like making the platform 100% fraud-free. For now, visitors can only transfer bought event tickets to friends. I’m currently building a feature that allows visitors to resell their tickets for max 120% of the retail price to keep things fair. Enter 2.0 will be even more about fighting the ticket fraud. We’ll make sure everyone that buys a ticket for an event on the platform gets in and doesn’t pay double or even triple the initial price. 📩 Reach out if you have any questions or helpful feedback P.S. Enter is completely build without code on Bubble.
Very slick! Great to see more great apps built on Bubble! Works and looks great!
@vlad_larin Thanks Vlad! Learned a lot from your platforms 🔥

I tried to enter a multi day, $0.00 cost event and found it very confusing. There's no help and no leading user to the next field. No end date for event, 24 hour time only, no way to enter end time of event.


Simple, clean interface


No help, no way to do multi day event. No way to add logo or event description.

Hey Ken, thanks for your review. You can add a start date + time and bellow you can add how many hours the event last. So for 2 days it would be 48 hours. At first we had an enddate but after a lot of testing we found that it was easier to fill in how long the event lasted. We don’t offer free events yet but they will come in the next update. I’m not sure what you mean by no help? You can always email if you have questions :) tickets@enterrr.com