Add pictures, maps and quotes to your favorite podcasts

Entale is the new podcast platform which adds pictures, maps, links, quotes and chapters to your favourite shows for a rich, interactive experience.

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Using it for a few weeks. It's the best podcast app so far! Love it sooooo much!
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Entale has transformed my daily tube commute - I can listen to my fave true crime podcasts (Serial, Dirty John etc) but see important info to support the audio e.g. photos of key characters, maps - basically all the stuff you google whilst listening to a podcast.

There's a bit of original content on there too and more coming by the looks of it too, so def worth checking out.


For podcast addicts this is a must have - especially if you love true crime. Also, chapters are shareable/ chopped up so easier to digest


Need to be on wifi to download episodes (for now!)

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I’m a podcast nut so had to try it out. Very pretty and I’m enjoying it. A way to import a list of podcasts I already subscribe to would be good..unless I just missed that feature? Also a quick couple second rewind. The slider is good but listening at work or other such places there or so many times I just need to hit a button and go back a few seconds.
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Congrats on the launch! 🎉 Interesting concept, could make podcasts much more interesting!
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Awesome UX