Not everyone is made to play Enso, are you?

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Enso is a brand new gameplay concept! It's a brilliant, addictive puzzle game that challenges your matching skills. Your goal is to match three or more of same colored orbs in a row. Plan your moves wisely to beat the highest score. Enso is a character in Japanese calligraphy that symbolizes enlightenment, infinity, elegance and strength. This game incorporates all of those elements into an original gameplay experience. 100% Planet of the Apps’ original gameplay concept. Not everyone is made to play Enso, are you?
@philipkushmaro thank you Philip, much appreciated
@philipkushmaro @bengel1 looks neat, but I'll dispute the claim that this is an original concept. You even say it twice in that comment. It looks and plays _a lot_ like Atomas, which has been around for a long time.
It killed my productivity, so i guess that's good.
@cosminbaluta great success:)
Most addictive game ever.. can't stop playing!
Dangerously addictive