A quick way to share your voice and sounds around you.

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Hi, I'm one of the creators of Ense. Nice to see us on Product Hunt! Thanks a lot for sharing @jtzou, glad you like it! We're working to create a simple way to share information, stories, convos, ideas, requests, melodies -- anything really -- through voice, and look forward to seeing how the Product Hunt community uses it. If you have any feedback, please email me: iqram@ense.nyc or ense me (https://ense.nyc/iqram) :) @rrhoover, you're right, we're keeping it open so people find their own ways to use it! @igoruphere we have an enterprise version of Ense with lots of publishing & developer tools in the works. We'll probably charge for that functionality down the road. If you want, or anyone reading this wants, to try them out, shoot me an email! Thanks again!
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@iqram_magdon_ismail Thanks for clarifying and best of luck! ;)
@iqram_magdon_ismail I've been thinking of an app like this for so long! Need it! Always when I jam (sing and play guitar) I record myself and I wish there was some random audience who could hear it and give some feedback :p Initially imagined it like a tinder where people swipe left / right (and maybe rate) to recordings of people jamming (live?) at home. Like an online x-factor, ha! I think this is it! Finally. Explored your website, app is next! Thanks a lot!
@pyer Oh! That's cool. We didn't quite go that far.. however, with our developer tools you can certainly build something along those lines! In the meantime, hope you enjoy the App. I think it should cover most of your use cases.
Love the minimal UI and nice to see it available on iOS, Android, and Web at the same time. The app (intentionally) doesn't communicate how it should be used, giving opportunity to freeform, audio broadcasts and communication. Curious to see how people use it.
A couple things I love about Ense: - Intuitive UI/UX - Clean, fresh design - Frictionless content creation + sharing - Frictionless content consumption - Twitter integration (great for influencers to engage fans in a different way) - All of the above available on web as well Lots of growth potential with this particular voice app. My first Ense: https://ense.nyc/ense/51331/gree...
@jtzou thanks for sharing!
Nice app! This is really refreshing πŸ”₯!Things missing: find people you already follow from Twitter, enable/disable auto-play next Ense. And of course, save your favorites (not "like"). It's just my opinion though 😊
@tsunaze good feedback, thanks Pierre! Getting to some of those things very soon.
The way ense "works" is the way everything in the future will work. Always on. Save the memorable stuff. Best of luck to the team on this journey