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Hello Product Hunt Community! Our names are Ann Wang and Jessica Willison, and we want to talk to you a little bit about how you can do good in your everyday doing something you already love - shopping! Its name is Enrou. Enrou is an online marketplace where every purchase creates opportunity. We partner with socially responsible brands to curate rare and beautiful products, handcrafted by artisans in developing communities around the world. But the impact doesn’t stop there! Our brand partners further empower these communities by creating jobs and providing training, as well as health education, financial coaching and business mentorships. But why does any of this matter? Well, nearly 1.2 million people around the world are living in extreme poverty--people with dreams and aspirations, but with no chance or resources to make them a reality. Throughout our own lives, we have searched for many ways to give back to these communities and make a difference, and we knew that there had to be a better way for people who believed in a better world to make a lasting and positive impact through their daily lives. There is so much potential in the power of business and technology to make positive change within our world. Luckily for us, technology makes things easier! Technology has given us the opportunity to make a difference, no matter where we are, which is why with every Enrou purchase, you are giving an artisan somewhere in the world the gift of opportunity--to make a living, to provide for their families, to make their dreams a reality. So we invite you to join us to Shop to Empower, and create global impact through local action, so that we may be “enroute” to a better world! And while we’re here, we have some love to give back to the PH community. Visit our site & get 15% off your order! Consider your gift list done! We’ll be here answering any questions you have. Would love to chat more! Thanks for the love. Ann & Jess
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@jessica___lynne awesome stuff. I'm already seeing a lot of stuff I would want to buy :).
@geekyyang @jessica___lynne amazing!!! Make sure you use the PH discount code! If you have any questions about the product itself, the story, or need help making a decision super happy to make recommendations! I'm our buyer so I know every detail! - ha!
@jessica___lynne very nice selection! I see some things I'll get as gifts this Christmas. Thanks!
I met @annwang013, @jessica___lynne, and the Enrou team a few months ago while they were in SMASHD LABS. I love the direction -- a curated marketplace of products handmade from people in developing countries. You can find some super unique things on the site. I bought this "Peace is the Bomb" necklace made in Laos by Phet from Vietnam era bombs, for my mother's birthday.
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Thanks for visiting us at SMASDH Labs @rrhoover! We learned so much from your experiences growing Product Hunt. And good pick on the "Peace is the Bomb" necklace! Something that was once so destructive is now a symbol of hope, healing, and tool for positive change in Lao. Every single purchase on Enrou has a dual impact. In this case, purchasing this necklace, not only invested in the creator, Phet and his two kids, but also helps de-bomb land in Lao to create a safe community. We truly believe it is this combination of investing in the individual + the community that will create lasting, positive impact for generations to come!
Thanks @rrhoover! That necklace is one of our absolute favorites!
What are some of your favorite places to travel to in the world? We work in 72 different communities in the US and abroad. From Guatemala, to Namibia, to Thailand, to here in Downtown Los Angeles, Enrou's goal is to empower you to create opportunities in these areas with every single purchase!
@annwang013 Completely love your local community angle to this. Part of our original ideas for oh hey world was giving travelers the ability to "tip" each local community they visit... and have that money go to a local organization on the ground. My favorite places - Santorini, Kenya, Chiang Mai.
@drewmeyers @annwang013 Thanks, those are some incredible places! As the world gets "smaller" with better communication and technology, I really think it's our responsibility as a generation to make sure our actions leave lasting positive impacts and not negative!
I love giving gifts from Enrou because the product and the maker have a story to be told & shared. I've also given the peace is a bomb necklace to a friend for her birthday. Ann and Jess and the Enrou team have come a long way over the past few months over SMASHD LABS! I'm really proud of their work around Giving Tuesday - can you share about that accomplishment & about dignified work?
Thanks @suzywillow, we are so humbled to have been learning from the best of the best at SMASHD LABS. Thanks for sharing your knowledge @msuster and @jason! If you're not familiar, #GivingTuesday took place on December 1st, following Cyber Monday. This is a global initiative that encourages and amplifies small acts of kindness. Our goal at Enrou was to create 5,000 hours of dignified work just from purchases that were made between Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday. Within 6 days, our goal was to create 625 days of work that is safe, fair and proud, just through something as simple as getting your holiday shopping done. And guess what-- we hit our goal mid-way through Tuesday!! Since then, we've created close to 9,000 hours of dignified work, and we're not done yet. Check out the progress: http://givingtuesday.enrou.co/en...
@annwang013 @suzywillow Update! We hit 10,000 hours of dignified work!
I really love that Enrou has a beautiful selection of really unique, high-quality products that are sourced from all over the world. Worth checking out if you're holiday gift shopping!
@foolywk thanks, Brandon!
@foolywk are you close to finishing your holiday shopping?! Couple more weeks!