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Nanxi Liu
Nanxi LiuMaker@nanxi_liu · Co-founder & CEO of Enplug
Hi there! We started Enplug to make the displays around us interesting and relevant. So instead of showing boring, static content on your TV or jumbotron, you can show interactive Twitter and Instagram feeds, tech news, sales dashboards, motivational quotes, and other entertaining stuff. It takes about 5 minutes to add Enplug and we're compatible with any display. Just plug in our mini device via HDMI to the display, log onto our web dashboard at Enplug.com, and easily control 1 or 100s of displays at once. We use our software on 40 different displays around our office to show team photos, funny messages, and sales metrics. We have an App Market (you can see it here: enplug.com/apps) with each app enabling you to show a different type of content. What are apps that you think we should add? I'd love any feedback on our product. Thanks!! -Nanxi & Team Enplug
Sajad Ghanizada
Sajad Ghanizada@therealsajad · Growth, Hurdlr
Dope product. I've seen some teams in DC and SF use a similar system that they hacked together. About time a product was provided. Good job guys
Rebecca S Yoshitani
Rebecca S Yoshitani@rebeccyoshitani · Owner/CMO Hurry Curry of Tokyo
We've had this product installed at our restaurant in West LA - definitely a key element in our social media/marketing program. This product actively encourages customers to use their social media accounts to engage and broadcast about their experience to their friends. The Instagram component is especially effective for us.
Patrick Edgett
Patrick Edgett@patrickedgett · Entrepreneur.
I have seen this at a few events in/around LA and love what I have seen. A fun way to get people to interact and stay informed within a given space.
Zach Spitulski
Zach SpitulskiMaker@zspitulski · Chief Product Officer, Enplug
@patrickedgett Thanks Patrick!
Nanxi Liu
Nanxi LiuMaker@nanxi_liu · Co-founder & CEO of Enplug
@patrickedgett Thanks, Patrick! Hopefully, I'll get to run into you at one of these events.
Vanessa Castaneda
Vanessa Castaneda@vcastaneda · Idealab
We are setting up our system here in the office to help interact and inform our employees and guests. We are excited to get this started and with the new Startup Vitamins app we can also include motivational quotes in our display.
Nanxi Liu
Nanxi LiuMaker@nanxi_liu · Co-founder & CEO of Enplug
@vcastaneda Awesome! Would love to see photos when you have it up and running.