Pay 0.003$ every time you open your phone

Every time you open up the phone you are going to voluntarily pay 0.003$, not much, but in time it gathers. 50% of the money you are paying will go towards solving an environmental problem, it's a win-win.
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I feel like this could really take off if there was a way to pay yourself. Ideally you would have your money go into a retirement savings account so you don't have access to it anymore but it still ends up in your pocket in the end.
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Yea, the total time we spend on the phone is important, but we cannot focus for a long time because we cannot keep ourselves distanced from the phone, even with an interaction of seconds, for me at least it was enough to pull me out of focus
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Pros: I can track how addicted I am to my phone, losing attention. Cons: I might get personal bankrupt.
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It's like a swear jar!
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Only 50% going to a good cause seems a lot. I love the concept, and almost downloaded it, but my expectation for these things is it to be 75-80% going to the cause
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