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Hi Product Hunters! We decided to create Enough Sleep after realising we were tired way to often. We could not find a solution that would help us solve our problem, and decided to create it by ourselves. We created Enough Sleep, that would help us find the optimal amount of sleep needed for each night. This is done by taking into account: * How active the current day is * How much sleep you got last night * Making the app smart, by learning over time what is the optimal amount of sleep for you, from your daily usage and feedback. Take a look at the science of getting enough sleep, and you can see the many benefits it can bring to your life. The product aims to give you optimal recommendations for each night. And you can use it as a normal alarm clock. However it requires a will to improve, to follow its recommendations. As of this the product will probably be best suited for people serious about performing at their top level over time; as students, athletes, and people in high performance jobs. You can download Enough Sleep for free. We’d love to hear your feedback, and answer any questions you may have. Thanks, Marius and Ranik
@marius_g Hello Marius, I'm excited to try that out. But would you guys roll out the Apple Watch version for this? I never use my iPhone alarm, and rely on Apple Watch's alarm instead. Thanks!
@wilbertliu We do currently not have an Apple Watch version planned, but would definitely consider it if this is something people want!
@marius_g Going to download. Seems cool. I've been kind of looking for something like this for years because I struggle with sleeping. Does it, or do you intend, to offer some benefits for people who have problems sleeping as well?
@m1lesv Thanks! We have not focused on people having trouble falling asleep, but would love to hear your suggestions to any features that could help with this. The only (small) feature we have related to this, is "Sleeping tips" that can be found in settings. Not eating sugar or drinking coffee after 5 PM, and having a dark and cool bedroom, are two of the main tips. You could also dim the lights when you get the "Prepare for bed" notification 40 minutes before you should go to sleep, to lower the melatonin levels in your body. If you have any other suggestions, than feel free to share them.
Weirdly I read this yesterday Why Six Hours Of Sleep Is As Bad As None At All Honestly I dont think there is a magic formula for the amount of sleep people need to get. Everyone is different and your body is well equipped to tell you if you are not getting enough. Unfortunately sometimes it takes external factors to make us see the sense.
Hi @bentossell, thanks for the link! We totally agree with you, that everyone is different, and your body will tell you if you are not getting enough sleep. Sadly, most people can not sleep as long as they want in the morning. And people have a tendency to delay when they get to sleep -either by choice, or by underestimating how much sleep they will need. Enough Sleep takes into account that every person is different, and adjusts its recommendations to this. As the article indicates, there are huge benefits linked to getting Enough Sleep. That's why we believe that people using Enough Sleep will see improvements in their performance. Hopefully Enough Sleep can make a difference in our users' life.
Awesome. I've been using Sleepytime for a while, which is based on your natural deep sleep cycles. I think I don't always get an optimal sleep time because Sleepytime doesn't consider several factors that influence your sleep, like Enough Sleep seems to. I'm going try it out tonight!
@nscmnto Hope our solution will give you more optimal recommendations! Just give the app a couple of days to learn from your sleeping history, and the recommendations should become quite accurate. Let me know how it goes!
@marius_g I've been having the best sleep in a longest time, while waking up early. The thing I like the most, and what I struggled with, is that it tells me when should I go to bed. The alarm sound is great and I wake up very naturally. However I have to ask: why did you choose that bell sound for the go-to-sleep notification?
@nscmnto Thank you for that positive feedback! We are glad you found Enough Sleep useful. We chose the bell sound, as we thought a sound was needed to make people aware of the notification, and a church bell sound was the sound that represented time (to go to sleep) best. Would you suggest us using another sound, or remove the sound completely? Right now you are able to turn of the go to bed reminder in settings. And you won't hear the bell sounds if your phone is in silent mode. However the wake up alarm will sound no matter if you have the phone in silent mode or not :)
@marius_g I totally agree that a sound is essential to make people aware of that and get into that state of mind. I like the church sound because it's effective, but at the same time it's kinda somber. Maybe using a "happier" sound wouldn't be as effective, hence my question!
@nscmnto I see your point, thanks for the feedback and suggestion! I'll remember it for future iterations :)
Android version please! :D
@iluzienl Thanks for the feedback! We are listening :)
Great idea! I guess I'll have to go to sleep at 9pm today 🙏 What's the alarm sound btw or is it just vibrating?
Hi @philipkuklis, thanks! Glad you like it! We tried to make the alarm sound gentle. It will steadily increase in volume and gently wake you up, while vibrating. To hear the sound you can set your wake up time a few minutes from now, and press "start". Don't worry -the app will not register sleep below 2 hours, so it won't mess with your sleep history. If the app recommends you to go to sleep earlier than you are used to, we suggest using some days to slowly adjust to this new go to bed time. A tip here can be to on purpose get little sleep one night, or exercise hard, just to make it easier to fall asleep at the new and earlier time the coming evening. Wish you a good night's sleep!
@marius_g Thanks Marius! The alarm sound is pretty awesome 😃
@philipkuklis Thanks! Happy you appreciate it as much as we do -as we spent a lot of time trying to make the wake up experience as good as possible :)