Report company violations anonymously from the Sarahah team

Enoff enables people to speak-out and report violations such as harassment cases and abuse in organizations that they are associated with. It's a safe haven to report these incidents while maintaining privacy.

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Why not a web version, so non-iOS users can contribute?
@cornandchicken Yeah, my entire company is team Google and Android.... so that makes it hard.
Why should anyone trust anything claiming "anonymity" from the team at Sarahah (which got caught collecting email/contacts while touting "anonymity") let alone anything from Saudi Arabia in general? For a country that kidnaps and beheads journalists, I would trust giving nothing to any entity based in Saudi Arabia - especially if I wanted to transmit any data on the condition of anonymity.
@hayden_evans best stay off Slack then
@ryandimascio Not sure how your comment is relevant. Slack has never claimed to be anonymous, nor was it founded or headquartered out of Saudi Arabia.
@hayden_evans no, but they do own a pretty large percentage of the company
@ryandimascio I would be more concerned if the ownership was the other direction
Supposedly I have reported it. Then what? I mean how company in Saudi Arabia would help me?