Eno by Capital One

An intelligent assistant for your bank account

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Capital One just released a "smart, funny and genderless chatbot...It understands emojis and is not afraid of anything." You can read more on their Medium article. I'm quite impressed with the AI team and Capital One design in general lately.
@kunalslab Thanks Kunal. Our team is really psyched to have welcomed Eno to the world last Friday at SXSW. Already learning a ton about what our customers want from Eno -- both functionally and also from chit chat ... presumably so they can get to know Eno better (and Eno can get to know them, too). Pretty dang exciting so far.
Nice! I published that idea 2 years ago (before the bot thing became hot). Finally someone made it! https://medium.com/@matgosselin/... Good stuff Capital One ;-)
@matgosselin Hey thanks, and spot on! Eno's handling a lot of simple repeatable use cases out of the gate ... including one you have in your post: "what's my routing number," which we all seem to need just occasionally enough to have to dig for it ... and now Eno does the digging for you. We'll keep expanding to more complex use cases and conversations, but at this point Eno's (a) serving customers by responding to what we know they want (e.g., getting a Quick Report just by texting "$" to instantly see their balances, staying on top of upcoming bill due dates or making credit card payments, and getting to know Eno a bit along the way), and (b) learning what else customers expect from Eno. Tons of potential.
@steph_hay Nice! I'd use it if I was on capital one ;-)
I enjoy my capital one venture card a lot, looking forward to using this. Will update everyone on initial thoughts. Go Eno!
@sunnysmurthy YES! Please do.
So they've repackaged the same SMS banking features from a decade ago with some NLU. This covers most of the branded intelligent assistant/bot deployments I've seen, which speaks more to how poorly SMS interactivity was designed and made available than to bots being the realization of something consumer-friendly.
We're super psyched about Eno! If anyone is interested in learning more or joining our waitlist, check out www.capitalone.com/Eno.