Eno by Capital One

An intelligent assistant for your bank account

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Kunal Bhatia
@kunalslab · Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Capital One just released a "smart, funny and genderless chatbot...It understands emojis and is not afraid of anything." You can read more on their Medium article. I'm quite impressed with the AI team and Capital One design in general lately.
Mathieu Gosselin
@matgosselin · Mad Captain
Nice! I published that idea 2 years ago (before the bot thing became hot). Finally someone made it! https://medium.com/@matgosselin/... Good stuff Capital One ;-)
Sunny Murthy
@sunnysmurthy · Biochemsitry & Marketing, Virginia Tech
I enjoy my capital one venture card a lot, looking forward to using this. Will update everyone on initial thoughts. Go Eno!
Sachin Kesiraju
@_sachink · iOS dev + student @ berkeley
hmm looks suspiciously familiar to a hack i made over a year ago https://devpost.com/software/pepper
So they've repackaged the same SMS banking features from a decade ago with some NLU. This covers most of the branded intelligent assistant/bot deployments I've seen, which speaks more to how poorly SMS interactivity was designed and made available than to bots being the realization of something consumer-friendly.