Make your only Instagram link do more

Enmarta is a neat little app that helps you create a lightweight landing page for all your links and products. It also can serve as a lead harvester collecting leads from a form on your Enmarta page to its simple built-in CRM.
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Thank you Alex. I'll try it in my Instagram!
@alex its back!
@zodman this guy SHIPS!
@alex_moskovski Oh wow, as a marketer I find this really interesting, Enmarta looks great! We would like to offer you to publish an interview about Enmarta and how it drives leads from Instagram at https://startupradius.com/ please PM me at paul@startupradius.com for more details if interested
Hi Product Hunters, I've been working on this app since the beginning of the year and would be happy to hear your opinion on how I can make it better. What started as a tiny link menu builder for Instagram, has eventually grown into a simple landing page constructor with a built-in CRM, analytics, and quite a few ready to use themes. People can use Enmarta to funnel visitors from their social media accounts (Instagram, primarily), present their products, and collect leads. Some can use it as their personal home page (me included https://alex.enmarta.com) I also added some integrations with popular analytic apps like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Mixpanel. Our next milestone is adding integration with Mailchimp, and other popular business apps. My main focus is always been on simplicity, speed, and mobile-friendliness. The average size of a landing page is just 9 KB. Please, tell me how I can improve Enmarta and what other possible use cases you see as experts. PS: As usual, I reveal the stack this app has been made with. It's Laravel, React, and vanilla JS in landing pages. IE isn't supported in the app, officially. It is supported in landing pages, though. Oh, I forgot to mention that some of short sub-domains are still available, so you can book something like mary.enmarta.com All hunters receive free two-week trial of the most feature-rich plan. Enjoy!
@alex_moskovski Hi Alex. How is it different than Linktree?
@abhishek_chakravarty Hey Abhishek, that's an awesome question! Enmarta: - Has much more styling capabilities - Allows you to actually choose your URL and put your username in the front. So it's alex.enmarta.com, not enmarta.com/alex - Has integrations with third-party business software - Has more building blocks To wrap it up, I've built Enmarta because I wasn't satisfied with the features of existing mini landing page builders.