Get notified to relax when you're stressed.

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Hello Product Hunt. Enlighten is a rest/relaxation app, it features some stunning natural sounds that help you unwind. Enlighten is very simple, it offers you five unique types of natural sounds and those sounds in turn have three variations. This makes it super simple and easy, without having to search through lists of unnecessary tracks. It also has some great additional sounds and binaural beats as well that you can easily add and control. Coming to Enlighten's most useful and key feature, "Notify When Stressed", when you turn this on Enlighten will start studying your health data through out the day in the background and notify you to relax at the end of the day if you're stressed. There is some great machine learning behind this feature and it's very accurate. Overall this app was made with the intention of helping people live a stress-free life, let me know your thoughts and questions. :)
Enlighten is rest and relaxation app. It gives the user the option to choose from five main natural sounds and let’s them choose from three variations, it also has extra sounds and binaural beats. One of Enlighten’s key feature is called “Notify When Stressed”, when turned on it studies the user’s health data through out the day and tracks the user’s stress level and notifies the user to relax at the end of the day if the stress level is high.
Love the app. This is something literally every startup owner needs. 👍Great job @prithivdev
@imkarthikk Thank you so much Karthik
Great job in the UI and the collection of peaceful music. Love it!
@imswaathik Thank you Swaathi. :)
Hey guys, I wanted to give some promo codes for Enlighten so that the PH community can test it out and since Enlighten is a paid app. I'll list the codes below, if you use the promo code leave a comment below saying that you did so along with the code you used so that others will avoid it. Codes: ---------- WM7H66KWTM49 4PEYYAME4NLR K4HL9YATTF69 H3LRAHJ3HYYM 6ER3YLAMXTAF PFFAJ9A3NTJR RYNLPXF4TPR4 RHH37Y9WA4J3 E63NJ9HPPFLY MMX7E3ANALFY HH9A7HMY7LNA P7KYNWLPL43T JMNTH777A7XJ ARW9NTXMEMKM 6AXPWJMFW7PX RHTJWTHMTHYL WX793KM9X64H A36AP4N4MT7E Let me know if more codes are needed :) *To use the code, tap on "Redeem" at the bottom of the App Store then enter a code and hit enter, the download will begin.
@prithivdev used A36AP4N4MT7E
@johnnyquachy Hey Johnny, thank you. Let me know your thoughts, and reviewing on the App Store will be much appreciated. :)
@prithivdev used 4PEYYAME4NLR 😎
@mscccc Hey Mike, thank you so much. Kindly let me know your opinion once you're done using the app. It would be awesome if you can review it in the App Store too.😊
@prithivdev used 6AXPWJMFW7PX. Tnx!