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#3 Product of the DayAugust 21, 2019
Create moving photos anywhere with this photo animation app. Use the super-cool animations you created and show them off on Instagram, Facebook or any other social platform.
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Hello there Product Hunters! I'm Yoni, from the Pixaloop Support Team. Along with my colleagues @mor_from_pixaloop, @racheli_from_pixaloop and @tair_from_pixaloop, I'm here to help you get to know the animation app that's taking Instagram by storm. All of us on the Pixaloop team are super passionate about bringing creativity to the world and giving our users access to that WOW factor. We know that interesting content can change the world - and we're giving you the power to create it! So what are you waiting for? Get out your phones, download Pixaloop, and try it out. We promise, your pictures will never be the same. Of course, we'll be here throughout the day to answer any questions that may come up, or to just give you advice on how to best animate your photos. Don't be shy, we can't wait to hear what you think!
@mor_from_pixaloop @racheli_from_pixaloop @tair_from_pixaloop @yoni_from_pixaloop I've been using it for a while, after Plotograph got super confusing. My one wish is there was a desktop or web companion for it so I don't always have to make my animations on a small screen. Otherwise, it's amazing!
@scottwyden Thanks for the feedback, Scott! Happy to let you know that we do plan to release a desktop version down the line, but we don't have an exact timeline yet (working on some awesome stuff!). Let us know if you have any more wishes! πŸ˜„
@yoni_from_pixaloop Will it require another purchase or will the subscription or lifetime plan work across platforms? :-)
@scottwyden @yoni_from_pixaloop You got your 2nd customer on the line for the desktop version πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
@scottwyden Great question, Scott! We actually haven’t discussed this yet, as this is still relatively far down the roadmap for us. We will definitely consider all the possible options!
Go Lightricks! 😊
No secret that Lightricks has been killing it lately. Very excited to play around with this! Great job team!
Yeah I'm gonna abuse this on Instagram πŸ˜…
@james_stramer You definitely should, it's a fantastic creative tool!
Such a great product to easily create engaging content πŸ”₯
@lachlankirkwood Thanks for your support, so glad you're enjoying Pixaloop!