Enlight Photofox

A creative photo editor for iOS by the makers of Facetune

Enlighten your photos with Enlight Photofox. It is available for iOS devices and it is unbelievably cool for making unique and creative pictures! You can create pieces of art from your ideas and your pictures. It comes with a variety of tools like brushes, tonal adjustments, presets, effects to let you alter your captured moments.

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carlos garcia
carlos garcia@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
Subscription service - avoid. Unless you want 100 subscriptions for each app you have on your iPhone. Avoid all subscriptions apps, they speaks volumes to developers more than bad ratings.
Sam Sabri
Sam Sabri@samsabri · Growth @ Polarr
@androidlove why are subscriptions bad, Carlos? How else do you think devs and companies create a sustainable business?
Jeff Scott
Jeff Scott@theappivore · Editor, Slide To Play
@androidlove @samsabri My problem with subscriptions is that the reason they are profitable is because people forget about them. I know I do. I think many people have been burned by auto-renewing subscriptions enough to stay away from them. I'll pay $5 for an app that I use 3-4 times in a year, but I won't pay a $5/year subscription for the same app. It's odd, but it's true.
carlos garcia
carlos garcia@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
@theappivore Good answer. Any questions Sam? App development is not the gold rush some keep hoping it will be. Want to have a side job and make an app, great. Keep your job until or if it does not take off.
Jeff Scott
Jeff Scott@theappivore · Editor, Slide To Play
@androidlove @samsabri I also thing that a $40 IAP for lifetime subscription is stupidly expensive. That values the app at $40 if it were released as a simple paid app. If it were a 10 year lifespan with a track record of that long, perhaps. But no app lasts 10 years. Your previous app was priced at $5.99-$3.99 (sometimes free) -- is this one 10x better? If so, your marketing doesn't convince me. Though I'm not sure anything would convince me it could be that much better.
Philipp Wüthrich
Philipp Wüthrich@phippuuuu · 🇨🇭
So it's baiscally Enlight with a subscription model?
Dani Shaked
Dani Shaked@danisito · Online marketing expert
@phippuuuu Not exactly. Its Enlight with layers. Very useful.
Robert Anitei
Robert Anitei@speedyroby · User Interface Designer
@phippuuuu @danisito And a subscription model.
Sakura Cho
Sakura Cho@rensakura · iOS developer
Subscription? Nope.
Dun@huangdun · Product Designer
Loved and bought previous version, but really, another subscribe mode, start to hate it. Bought Over, VSCO, but never subscribed.
Baard O. Hansen
Baard O. Hansen@ibaard · Business Manager Digital Communications
I love Enlight, but I'll pass on this version. Subscription is not my thing