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Thanks for making this. One major edge Enlight has over Code4Startup & CodeUpstart is that it's projects are simple and detailed enough for complete novices to actually try them out. Great work.
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@patrick_udeh I appreciate it. I think what this made this so novice-minded is because not too long ago, I was a novice web developer! Building projects like these, however, were an opportunity for me to develop my skills πŸ˜„ As I gain more knowledge, I hope to make these projects in an interactive style editor that compiles live on the site. Thank you!
Hey guys! Thanks for the support on here. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the site!
A novice will love it, at least you don't build a scary site that makes someone feels like hitting the wall
@kleaklass that was the inspiration. To get people interested in learning by building.
Elegant introduction for a novice. Good work @samay
What a cool project!
@jonastwt Thank you :)