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#1 Product of the DayDecember 12, 2019
We're celebrating 1 million learners by announcing a big upgrade to the Enki app!
Now not only for devs, but also marketing, product, data, ops, finance professionals. Access any of the curriculum instantly. And completely new design!
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We're really excited to share the next big version of Enki! We started with a product for devs, by devs -- and we were overwhelmed (positively!) by the response. Now we're sharing a new version of the product to help anyone get started with tech skills, or just build momentum in learning. I've written a longer blog post with more details on the new version, and our story: https://medium.com/@kirill/welco... We'd love to hear your guys' feedback on the product!
@kirill Would love to get a discount on this :)
@danirogerc it's free! for pro version ping me I'll give you first month free kirill@enki.com
Just had a little peak, amazing so far! *clap* *clap* *clap*
@letykemp nice. enjoy it!
I’m so impressed with the team for delivering this! This rewrite was a *big* effort, and I’m so impressed. The stability and usability of the app has improved so much. I’m most excited about how the community has been invited in with the edit button- you can now make any of the small tweaks that occur to you right from the app! This will be the most user-driven CS education effort I’ve ever seen!
I am JavaScript/React Native Developer and i am using ENKI for last 16 months. In first place honestly, i didn't believe that you can build skills only playing with the quizzes daily for 15 min, but i was terribly wrong. Every nite instead of playing games, I am doing 15 min quizzes, challenging my knowledge in JavaScript, and also on the way I learn Python & BlockChain just playing with the app. Big Thank to ENKI team , great product and idea. For me this app is a GAME OF KNOWLEDGE and easiest way to learn is trough playing. ;) looking forward to master my React Skills !!!
happy to see this one has an android version!
@jana_c the android version is happy to see you too :)