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Thanks for posting @erictwillis. We’re thrilled to be on ProductHunt today. Enki helps professional developers level up their programming skills every day through a fun, daily workout on their mobile. Each workout gives you the best tips, tricks, features and challenges designed to sharpen your knowledge, teach useful hacks, and introduce concepts you didn't know you needed to know. I just published a longer post on Medium (https://blog.enki.com/too-long-d...) if you’re interested in finding out more about why we’re building Enki. At the moment we’re inviting and onboarding people personally to ensure a great experience, but we’ll give Product Hunters fast-track access if you request through http://enki.com/producthunt - and we'll add some codes here through the day too. We'd love to hear your guys' feedback on our idea and product!
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@kirill & team How much can one actually learn with these bitesize 'workouts'? do they have to be used routinely very often to get somewhere? And is this to get people interested and then do you plan on offering more comprehensive courses once they are hooked :p ?
@bentossell The way the insights are provided on Enki are very similar to how professional developers learn things throughout their day, often learning a couple of tips, tricks or hacks from their co-workers. But instead of being limited to the circle of people you interact or work with, we give you access to our network of experts who are writing and uncovering the very best stuff. Enki (and learning generally) works best when you do a little every day, but habitual use isn’t required to get impact from a workout. The insights on Enki are designed to be immediately useful and applicable. As for comprehensive courses, we're focused on creating different types of content which fits within a mobile interface, and users can get value from in just a few minutes. So if any content or material fits within this, we'll have it eventually :)
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@kirill I'd like an invite
This may be my favorite approach to learning ever. I consider myself to be proficient in the languages that I opted to receive insights on, but without fail, every day I was presented with an insight that I wasn't familiar with. Coupled with the games, every morning I walked away having learned something and proceeded to use my newfound knowledge in my work that day. I think that providing digestible bites of concepts helps with retention and makes applying those concepts later in the day much easier. Absolutely fantastic format.
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@ken_wheeler wow, that's great to hear, Ken. We're working hard so that everyone feels like this eventually :)
I’ve been alpha testing Enki for a little while, after helping out and contributing to the Angular material. Really useful sidekick of an app, looking forward to how this evolves further! One question I did have: how are you deciding what the three recommended options to learn today should be for me? Cheers guys keep up the great work! :)
Thanks @toddmotto! The recommendation is based on user preferences and previous interaction with the app. We’re getting very fine-grain feedback from users because of the swipe interaction on each insight (one side for “learned something”, the other for “already knew”). This help us infer roughly the level of each user in each topic/subtopic, and we use that to predict what’s the most sensible insight to give them next. We’re also tracking the time spent on each insight, which is a good proxy for the level of interest and relevance of each insight for a specific users. And finally, we learn about the users when they choose to do or not do a specific workout that we recommended. For instance - if a user was offered a “React” workout but chose not to do it, we’ll try next to offer him some “Angular” workout (or the other way around!). This hopefully gives you an idea of the data we use in our Recommendation algorithm. As per the details of the algo itself: we’ll blog about it when it’s a bit mature and stable ;)
This is a really interesting concept. Like @bentossell, I am super curious if short, sprint-like mental workouts and exercises can really move the needle on developing/sharpening hard skills. @kirill is one smart entrepreneur and if he believes this approach to skill acquisition works, I'm wide open to it.
@dankaplan thanks :) We're obviously obsessing about what kind of content can be engaged with in just a few minutes, and yet be immediately useful. Three of the cases of "immediate usefulness" we've seen so far from users are: 1) short stand-alone tips, tricks or hacks which move the needle on productivity straightaway; 2) highlighting concepts or features which we help the user follow up on, which they wouldn't have known about otherwise; 3) important concepts which are worth sharing with peers and coworkers. There are lots of other tangential and longer-term benefits that quite a few of our users have mentioned already, including helping to start productive conversations with coworkers, enabling a daily learning habit which catalyses other learning, and so on. But these are the short term benefits our users are seeing so far.
@kirill that all makes sense to me!
This really appeals to me, half the problem I have trying to keep up is finding the right resources to read and learn. The other half is taking the time to actually learn it. I'm very interested to see this implemented and would even offer this as part of a larger continuous learning package I would offer to my employees.