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While being a beta tester of Enjoy, I've felt the same way I did back in the early days of Uber. Having an expert show up wherever you are, with the product you want, at no additional cost, is pretty awesome. Traditionally, I've always been one to figure out how to setup new products on my own. Perhaps that's because the few times I had tried utilizing tech support to help me figure out a new product had been miserable experiences. Enjoy provides a great experience. Their experts seem to be very knowledgable about each product and genuinely stoked to be in their roles.
This is all super interesting to me. Before GA, I worked at Apple Retail, focusing on employee training. A huge number of the NYC Enjoy experts are former colleagues of mine. This very much takes the Apple Store experience of surprise & delight and personal setup out of the store and into your home. I can only assume given how many former Apple employees they're hiring that the customer service experience will be very similar. I'm also curious about the target audience for Enjoy. I think while most people would assume that only those above a certain age want help setting up technology, I think there's actually a broader age-range and type of consumer that's looking for this kind of personal experience.
Former Head of Apple Retail, Ron Johnson's new company: http://www.wsj.com/articles/appl...
This is an amazing idea and I feel it's 100% about the personality of the people Enjoy hires. Having dealt with hundreds of clients over the years the most common frustration is the lack of empathy by support and service agents. These consumers want an understanding and helpful experience, and they don't ever want to feel dumb. I really hope they can nail the employee training and standards. I have a long list of people I would recommend to use Enjoy if they deliver a great experience consistently.