Enjin Wallet

Safe, fast & feature-packed crypto collectible wallet.

#5 Product of the DayAugust 28, 2018

Turn your smartphone into a hardware-like, secure blockchain wallet.

The Enjin Wallet features a clean and intuitive interface, secure fingerprint login, the ability to monitor and manage unlimited blockchain addresses, and support for crypto collectibles (ERC721 & ERC1155) and over 700 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin.

  • Timmo Walters
    Timmo WaltersTruck driver

    Secure, clean ui, Ad-free, multiple wallets, only YOU have private key, fingerprint access, advanced transact options, erc1155 support soon.


    Needs a dark 'night mode' for me, would be the icing on the cake.

    Been using this wallet since release and its great all round. Imported old paper wallets, mew, coinomi etc all into this one wallet.

    It allows for flexible options when transacting, without the convoluted process of trying to maintain a secure private key.

    I am a huge fan of the enjin project and I guess a big part of my excitement about this wallet is that it will soon be the only one with game items support. Very soon you'll be able able to keep erc1155 items in here, meaning for the first time we can actually own and keep in game items. It will also act a an authentication tool for all your game accounts, 6 games announced so far, and I predict an explosion in support.

    But for the general crypto holder/trader who isn't interested in games, this wallet is top shelf material. Your private keys are encrypted at the first layer of hardware on your device and only accessible by you, no third party, meaning extremely high security and I wouldn't trust anything less.

    Support for other coins has been announced and I believe they'll be adding more once they finish working on game item support and their enjinx blockchain explorer, both of which are incredible developments in the crypto sphere.

    Timmo Walters has used this product for one year.
  • Piotr Chonin
    Piotr ChoninCrypto, space, green energy, technology

    Secure, fast and very easy to use.


    You can hold there only BTC, LTCand ERC20. There is no color themes. Can't think anything else.

    This is just an amazing product. It looks good and works good. It's crazy fast, and with upcoming wallet updates it will be only better. It's the most secure wallet out there. Everyone should definitely try it.

    Piotr Chonin has used this product for one year.
Greetings, Product Hunters! We are proud to unveil our cryptocurrency wallet to your network. The Enjin Smart Wallet has been a labor of love, and we’re truly proud of the results. It is the first wallet to enable users to manage and monitor unlimited blockchain addresses, and in a few days, it will also become the first wallet to support ERC-721 and ERC-1155 blockchain assets. Users of blockchain games like War of Crypto, CryptoKitties, and Gods Unchained will be able to store, manage, and protect their gaming items in our wallet and view the name, history, description, and image of each item. While creating our ecosystem for decentralized gaming assets, we realized that their value would rise dramatically once stored on the blockchain. Understanding that our users would need protection, we decided to create our own crypto wallet to ensure the highest levels of security for our user base. The result is an elegant and clean wallet interface that utilizes NSA-grade security and an asset storage tool more secure than most banking and financial apps. The wallet also features intuitive user-friendly functions like fingerprint login, easy blockchain address import, and support for over 700 different cryptocurrencies. Please feel free to ask me anything, and let me know if there are any blockchain assets you would like to see stored in this wallet. Warm regards, Witek, CTO of Enjin
@witekradomski Thanks for bringing this tech into the world
One of the best crypto wallets out there. Best in class security features, supports major block chains and poised to be the go to "personal asset vault" in the near feature. Super excited for the upcoming wallet updates and the ecosystem as a whole!
This is by far the safest, quickest, easiest, and not to mean cleanest crypto wallet out there. Definitely a must have for all crypto enthusiasts!
Excellent multi asset wallet. Highly secure with an intuitive interface.
I must say it's worlds most secure wallet. Simplicity at its best. Anyone can use it with ease. With upcoming update it's becomes worlds most powerful wallet for Cryptocurrency and Collectibles. I personally have tested many wallets it's fastest and easiest amongst all.