Create a distinctive resume and get the job you desire with ease. Enhancv is a platform that will guide you on your way to write your resume. It will analyze what you already have written and give you some suggestions on how to enlighten it. Plus it structures it so well that the key qualifications are better reviewed by the HRs.

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The wizard is simple and straight-forward. The folks who still use the standard CV template should find this very useful. :)
love the website! neat!
@shahocean Thanks! We will make little changes soon, so stay tuned :)
Love the interface, extremely intuitive. Great job!
P.S. @volenvulkov is on the Enhancv team. Not sure why they haven't put him up on the Maker slot, I already suggested him as maker. :)
Can you export the resume in JSON? Do you support hResume?
@bogomep yes the native format for us is JSON but we still do not provide an HR-XML, JSON or hResume. Stay tuned we will add this feature soon.
@bogomep thanks for pinging me Bojo, it's funny to see what we've thought about our product year and a half ago. Soon we will launch something that will upgrade the so called JSON-resumes and HR-XML, so stay tuned :)