Enhanced Bootstrap Modals

Manage your users flow with engaging Bootstrap UI components

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Hey, Hunters! It's great being here today (thank you @robjama for that!). You might remember our team from one of the previous hunts - https://www.producthunt.com/post... We're here again to introduce you to a free marketing automation solution. Modals are a simple concept of pop-ups you might have seen on the web so far - all the register forms, newsletter signups etc. Well, now with EBM you can implement them in your website project with few easy steps without any front-end or back-end knowledge, and what's most important - with best marketing automation tricks putting the whole process on auto-pilot. The scoring system and automation are both well explained on the website, so dig into it and let me know if have any questions at all! Oh, one last thing. We've also got some Pro products on our website, and for the next week, you can get o 20% off for all of them with "HUNT" coupon code.
Hey great stuff ! Can this be integrated into Wordpress version ? Thanks 😊
@ayush_chandra thanks! Answering your question - it depends if you're a developer or not. If yes- there will bo no problem with integrating it with any Bootstrap based project (including WordPress). But if you're not - unfortunately you have to wait until we release an official plugin for WordPress.